Well Pump & Motor Services

Well Pump & Motor Services

Here at Pendleton Electric Company, we provide a variety of residential and commercial well pump and motor services. These include:

  • Well pump system installation and services
  • Water treatment installation and services
  • Electric motor and pump repairs
  • Flow testing

Our technicians have the ability to work on many different water systems. Therefore, we can provide our customers with many water system needs and/or solutions. Our goal is to keep your water running efficiently and safely.

Pendleton Electric’s pump and motor technicians are also available 24/7 for emergency “no water” service calls.

The Products We Mainly Work with, But Are Not Limited To
  • American Plumber
  • Berkley
  • Cornell
  • Easywater
  • Flex-lite
  • Franklin
  • Goulds
  • Grundfos
  • Jacuzzi
  • Pentek
  • Trogan
Well Pump System Installations & Service

Here at Pendleton Electric our pump and motor technicians are highly qualified and have the ability to repair any problem you may be having with your water system whether it is a submersible pump, booster pump, irrigation pump, sump pump, jet pump, self-priming pumps, or water treatment systems. We can also assist you with service and sales of pressure tanks and variable frequency drives. Our technicians can also assist with designing a new water system for your new or existing home. Call us today to set up an appointment to have us provide you with a quote for a new system.

Water Treatment Installations & Service

Are you concerned about your water quality? Are you just curious about ways to improve your water? Pendleton Electric’s pump and motor department can assist you with recommending the right water treatment services and systems. Our technicians are able to test the quality of your water in order to tell you if you have hard water, acidic water or high levels of iron and other contaminants. Water treatment solutions we are currently installing include Easywater systems and Trojan UV filtration systems.
For more info on those systems please see:

Electric Motor & Pump Repairs

Pendleton Electric’s pump and motor technicians can troubleshoot and repair your pumps and motors here at our repair shop located at 3501 Westgate in Pendleton Oregon. Please don’t hesitate to give us a call or bring it in no matter what the issue may be, chances are one of our techs may very well be able to repair it for you. Typically, our technicians specialize in pump and motor repairs and rebuilds; such as bearing and seal replacements. If you have a problem with your electric motor, you can definitely bring it to Pendleton Electric. Our only problem is that we unfortunately cannot perform motor rewinds.

Flow Testing

Flow test consists of measuring the static water level while pumping enough water to keep the pump running for 2+ hours. Flow test are done to make sure the well is sufficient enough for the home/property. Often they are required in real estate transactions or required by the State.


Our technicians at Pendleton Electric can provide the services to insulate your pump house and repair your pump house structure. We also service and install heat tape or heat lamps in order to prevent freezing of pipes and equipment.

Pump Service Plan Member

Our pump service plan members will receive an initial inspection and an additional full inspection done once a year to ensure your system is operating properly and efficiently. Members will also get the benefit of receiving discounts on repairs and replacements.